LifeLink Devotions

Monday, January 30, 2023

2 Peter 1:17  “For he received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” 

Valentine’s Day is coming.  It’s the day we set aside to do something extra special for the person we love.

I remember one year, as my wife and I were shopping for essentials, we came across two bargains – one for her and one for me. She said they could be our valentine gifts.

I agreed, with my fingers crossed.

She thought we were done.

She was wrong.

She was surprised on Valentine’s morning when she saw a gift and card on the counter in front of the coffee pot. I had left it there before I went to the office early in the morning. It wasn’t a big thing, but it was one of her favorite collectibles. She called right away, and I was overjoyed to have brought her such joy.

I love giving! I enjoy the affirmation it brings to my life when I know I have served and encouraged another person. It helps when I know that person also loves me.

As Jesus was preparing to enter the final phase of His ministry and begin the daunting task of accomplishing the redemptive purpose of God on the cross, His Father in heaven affirmed Him. He had spoken words of love and affirmation once before at the river Jordan when Jesus was baptized. Now again, so that the disciples could hear it, God the Father affirmed His Son.

One point sticks out to me today: the Father’s affirmation had nothing to do with His Son’s performance, but everything to do with who Jesus was. The Father did not say “With His works I am well pleased.” He did not say, “With His behavior I am well pleased.” He DID say, “With Him I am well pleased.”

It was enough that Jesus simply existed for the Father to affirm Him. What a lesson I need to learn from this. How quickly I fall into the destructive trap of affirming others only when they do something. How selfish I am to think that unless their behavior or actions benefit me in some way that they do not need to be recognized or encouraged. It is so disheartening and destroys the spirit of another when they are led to believe that their worth is connected to their performance.

I praise God that He loves and affirms us simply because we are His children. We never have to do a thing to be the benefactors of God’s abundant love. Every moment, if I choose to, I can meditate on the affirmations of God’s love for me. His love is not conditional. When I am at my worst and weakest, I can be washed in the wonder of His love rather than drown in the pool of pity.

How awesome!!! God loves me and is pleased with me. Do you accept this truth? Do you spend every waking hour basking in its beauty? Do you realize that right now, as you read this and your thoughts are wandering into questions of worth, that God the Father is leaning towards His Son and speaking in a voice loud enough for all of heaven to hear, “I LOVE MY CHILD, AND AM PLEASED WITH HIM/HER.”

Believe it. Accept it. Apply it. Enjoy it. God affirms you because of Christ in you!

Pastor John