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Thursday, August 11, 2022

1 Peter 1:2  “Grace and peace be yours in abundance.”

Would you classify your spiritual life as one of abundance? Would you in any way use the word abundance to describe the state of your relationship with Christ? Well, according to F. B. Meyer, author, pastor, and evangelist of last century England, “the reason may be that you do not distinguish between praying and taking. There is a profound difference between asking for a thing and appropriating it. You may admit that God’s abundant grace is near you through Jesus Christ, and yet you may not quite see the necessity of learning how to take it. Some people are always telegraphing to heaven for God to send a cargo of blessing to them; but they are not at the docks to unload the vessel when it comes in. How many of God’s richest blessings for which you have been praying for years have come right close to you, but you do not know how to lay hold of and use them!

In Romans 5:17 we read, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.” Take note of something important as explained by Meyer – “The emphasis is not on grace, not on abundance, but on receiving it; and the whole grace of God may be around your life today, but if you have not learned to take it in, it will do you no good.”

In this day and age, grace and peace are being put to the test. We must receive all that God has for us in abundance or we will soon fall prey to the ravaging beast of social unrest. We may think we are already full, but we do not yet know the abundance of what God has for us. We have some grace and some peace, but is it really ours in abundance? Here’s a mental experiment you can do to test your understanding of abundance.

Select a large box to represent your life, and place in it as many cannon balls as it will hold. When you are done, resist the temptation to believe the box is full. It still has space for more.  Bring a quantity of marbles; very many of these may be packed in the spaces between the larger cannon balls. Some will now believe the box to be full. The truth is there is an abundance of space still left unfilled in the box.

Bring some bb’s and pour them into the box. Literally thousands will be needed to fill the spaces between the marbles. Now for sure the box is full. Or is it? Bring some fine sand and let it slide down into the box. Much will be needed to fill the space that still exists between the bb’s. Now we are done, right. Not!  Grab a bucket of water and start filling the box, and it will soak into all the space between each grain of sand. When the water begins to overflow the box, you have filled the box. That is abundance.

It may seem that our lives are filled with grace and peace because we measure abundance by the big events. But when we carefully evaluate every minute of every day, we will see that our lives are abundant with unfilled spaces. There are far too many moments when grace and peace do not abound. But it doesn’t have to be so. We can be filled with the abundance of grace and peace. It is ours for the taking. God extends limitless grace and grants peace that passes all understanding. We just have to receive it. We’ve made application for the benefits many times in prayer; now it’s time to appropriate those benefits. Let the water of the Word of God flow into every nook and cranny of your life so that grace and peace are yours in abundance.

Pastor John

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