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Friday, February 18, 2022

If you recall, we started a conversation yesterday about knowing the purpose of the church. It all started at a 2003 Promise Keepers Conference that refocused my passion on God’s commission for us to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in all the world. I shared one example of how God confirmed that message within the first week after the conference. Here are two more:

One of our worship leaders at the time was going through a very difficult period of life because of his daughter’s health struggles.  He wrote a story from his daughter’s perspective.

“Dad talked to a cook and a cashier today down in the cafe and he shared that he worked for a Christian radio station. The cook (Joe) then said “What religion are you”? Daddy said, “Joe, you’d better make sure you have those hamburgers off the grill because we are going to talk. We are not of a religion…We have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ:” Daddy said. “It’s not about being Catholic, or Baptist or Pentecostal, it’s about Jesus dying on the Cross for my sins, raising Himself from the dead three days later and living today and wanting to live in my life. It’s not about a religion, it’s Who do you say Jesus is?” Joe…after hearing all of this, said, “Oh, cool, that’s an interesting way of looking at things.”

This Christian man had capitalized on an opportunity to share his faith in Jesus.

The final thing that happened was while I was at a birthday party for my youngest grandchild. One of my son’s new neighbors was invited to the party. As I talked to her, she asked where I was a pastor. Obviously my kids had already talked to them about what I did. Then I asked her if they went to church. She said no. Then the Holy Spirit gave me the next question to ask, and I said, “So is that by choice or because you just haven’t found one yet.” I appreciated the honesty of her answer when she said it was by choice. She explained that she and her husband have chosen to simply try to live moral lives and that was enough. She said she didn’t like all the denominational stuff. I agreed with her about that, and told her that we don’t talk religion at our church, but that it’s all about a relationship with Jesus Christ. We were interrupted by children at that point, but it was a start.

My friends, the message I clearly understood at the PK event nineteen years ago is still the passion of my heart. We must begin to take possession of our land and engage the enemy in spiritual battle. We must stay focused on why we exist as a church – to connect people to God. We must be personally committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and families. Do we need a church buildings? Yes! But they are only tools to accomplish the ultimate purpose of God, to spread the news that Jesus saves.  Let’s recommit ourselves today to engaging our culture with courage and conviction, and watch God conquer the land.

Pastor John

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