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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

When I Was young, I loved making music. I took piano lessons. I learned to play the trumpet. And in Middle School my band director asked me to learn a few more. I played the French horn, the tuba, the baritone, and ended up on trombone. Meanwhile, I also learned the bass fiddle and the marimba for a Tijuana Brass band. If you are under 60 you may not get that reference.

But one instrument I always wanted to learn and never did was the saxophone. So on Saturday night, when Danny Gokey’s tenor sax player came forward to play, I was enthralled. It lifted me to a place of worship of Jesus that came from deep in my musical soul.

Afterwards, Danny spoke about the saxophone. He reminded us that it was just a musical instrument, designed to make music but absolutely incapable of doing it on its own. It needed the breath of a master flowing through it. He reminded us that we are instruments, designed to make music that glorifies God, but we are incapable of doing it on our own. We must have the Breath of the Master flowing through us, and the Master must be playing the keys.

The Holy Spirit is the Breath of Jesus Christ, the Master. Unless He is flowing through you and playing every key of your life, nothing you do glorifies Jesus. NOTHING. Only the things done by the Spirit and in the Spirit can glorify the Master. Without the Spirit of God breathing in and through us, we are nothing more than a musical instrument standing on a stage but producing nothing. You can hook all the microphones up to it you want, and turn the sound system up as loud as it will go, but there will be no music. None of us is capable of blowing our own horn to the glory of Jesus.

Every day we must become empty of ourselves so that we can invite the Holy Spirit to breathe in and through us. Only then will our lives make beautiful music for the Master.

Go on, make some music today.

Pastor John

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