LifeLink Devotional

Friday, July 9, 2021

On my first trip to the Philippines thirty years ago I joined the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer over a three-year old boy who was sick. I stood with my dear friend Victorino as we laid hands on the boy snuggled into the loving arms of his mother. When we passed by her an hour later the boy was running and jumping. We had heard from the Holy Spirit, and by faith we became the instruments of His grace, and the boy was healed.

Twenty-four years ago I sat in my office with a college student who was questioning the existence of demons. Again, by faith, I joined the work of God in this young man’s life and he was delivered from the demonic spirit that was in him.

Over the years I have seen hundreds if not thousands of miracles. I have stood next to men and women who have been delivered from addictions. I have ministered with a man who was raised from the dead. I have experienced the Lord’s healing from disease and disability in my own family.

But you may have doubts that I have seen thousands of miracles. Let me prove it to you. You are one of the miracles. Every single person I have ever met who has been born again by faith in Jesus Christ is a miracle. The most important miracle Jesus ever does is to invade your life and transform you from a sinner to an eternal child of God.

When we read verses like Galatians 3:5 where Paul says, “Does he who…works miracles among you…” we tend to think only in the context of healings and resurrections. But that is not the context of the verse. God is working miracles daily in our midst as people come to Jesus Christ by faith for the forgiveness of their sins and the transformation of their lives. We focus on the external evidence when the greatest miracle of all happened in their heart.

Maybe you have been wondering why you haven’t seen more miracles. May I suggest that you spend time praising Jesus for the miracle of your salvation. Then praise Him for the miracles of salvation in all the others in your life who have been saved by grace through faith.

You are surrounded by miracles every day.

You are one of them.

Pastor John

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