LifeLink Devotional

Monday, June 14, 2021

“Speak for yourself.”

This phrase is often used to tell someone that we do not share their viewpoint on a particular subject. But it is also used to validate one’s own viewpoint. In fact, speaking for yourself is one of the guiding principles of living for self. When we choose to determine truth based solely on our personal experiences and preferences, the right to speak for ourselves is essential. 

The Apostle Paul was transformed from a man who spoke for himself to a man who let Someone else speak for him. He wrote about it in his letter to the churches of Galatia, which we are studying this summer. In Galatians chapter one, starting in verse 11, Paul declares that he never speaks for himself. I encourage you to read verses 11-24. 

We are tempted to let many things speak for us. Good works. Good looks. Our intellect. Our experience. Our talents. Our strengths. And while these things may suffice to speak for us to other people, they fall far short of achieving any recognition with God.

Yesterday in our worship service we sang a song that deeply moved me. It’s words resounded in my heart all day. It reminded me that I do not speak for myself. I cannot. I have nothing to offer to God that is able to rescue me from the condemnation of sin. I have only one hope. This is my declaration of what speaks for me.

Be still my soul, redeeming love out of the dust of Calvary is rising to the throne above. There is no vengeance in His cry while “it is finished, fills the sky. Forgiveness is the final plea. The blood of Jesus speaks for me.

My heart can barely take it in, He pardons all my guilty stains. Surrender all my shame to Him, He breaks the curse of every chain. My sin is great, but greater still the boundless grace His heart reveals. A mercy deeper than the sea, the blood of Jesus speaks for me.

When my accuser makes the claim that I should die for my offense, I point him to that rugged frame where I found life at Christ’s expense. See from His hands, His feet, His side, the fountain flowing deep and wide. Oh hear it shout the victory, the blood of Jesus speaks for me.

Worthy is the Lamb, Lamb for sinners’ slain. Jesus, Lord of all, glory to His name. Heaven crying out, let the earth proclaim, power in the blood, glory to His name. Jesus!

Oh let my soul arise and sing. My confidence is not in vain. The One who fights for me is King. His oath, His covenant remain. No condemnation now I dread, eternal hope is mine instead. His Word will stand, I stand redeemed. The blood of Jesus speaks for me.

Amazing love, how can it be? The blood of Jesus speaks for me.

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