The Turtle Effect

LifeLink Devotional

Friday, February 12, 2021

What if turtles were not limited by their shells? What if, instead of withdrawing into their shell for protection when they sensed danger, they stretched out and overcame their fear? What if turtles outgrew their shells every time they were threatened rather than hiding inside them hoping the danger goes away?

Suffering causes many people to withdraw like turtles. We go into a shell, hoping to protect ourselves from outside danger. We freeze in location, with no ability to move, having drawn up into a fetal position of fear.

I have a new theme verse for the rest of 2021. The Holy Spirit impressed it upon my spirit yesterday morning as I was listening to the Scriptures on my way to work. It is found in Exodus 1.

“But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad.”  (Exodus 1:12) 

God wants this to be true of each of us personally. He wants it to be true of His church. No more turtles in the church. No more churches acting like turtles. The more we are oppressed, the more we can grow. May it be so!

Pastor John

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