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Tuesday, January 5, 2020

I am by nature impulsive. With tongue in cheek I blame my dad. His mantra while I was growing up was “DO IT NOW!” I don’t think he envisioned the outcome that is my reality.

There are too many areas of my life where I am impatient. It negatively affects most things I do. Projects don’t turn out as well as they could because I didn’t carefully consider every possibility. In the past I would create my Christmas list for the family and then end up buying things on the list before Christmas, ruining their gift to me. When an idea comes into my head, it is hard for me to resist taking immediate action. It even hurts my golf game. Why do in three shots what I might be able to accomplish in two? SPLASH!

But where impatience shows up the most is when it conflicts with the plan of God. Why wait for God’s timing when I may be able to influence the outcome more quickly.

Pause for a second and consider the deep motivation of such an impatient philosophy. Two things come to my mind. First, I don’t really trust God’s outcome. Second, I really want some recognition.

In John 9 there is an amazing story that begins with Jesus seeing a man who has been blind from birth. We are not told how old he is, but he is old enough to be recognized by the residents of the city as a beggar trying to survive. The disciples are curious as to why this man is blind.

Pause again and consider how often we place a priority on knowing the why of our circumstances. What really motivates that need? It comes to my mind that the need to know the why is rooted in a need to assign responsibility. We want to explain the circumstances of life in human terms so that they make sense to our finite minds.

Now read how Jesus answered.

John 9:3 “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

Here are some lessons I am learning from this statement of Jesus.

  • Our impatience contradicts our trust in God.
  • Our impatience is in direct conflict with God’s purpose, which is to reveal His glory.
  • Our impatience requires understandable explanations when God’s ways are not comprehensible to us.
  • Our impatience demands immediate resolutions which may not fully reveal the work and power of God.
  • Our impatience seeks human resolutions that limit the spiritual impact of God’s work.

Read the rest of the story. When this man’s vision was restored, it was far more than just his sight that weas restored. He got to see Jesus, and the absolute priority of his life was to declare Jesus to others.

Embrace what you are going through right now. God is preparing to do a mighty work which will open your eyes to His glory. Now, be patient and wait for it.

Pastor John

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