The Song of the Soul Set Free

LifeLink Devotional

Tuesday, November 12, 2020

Yesterday we started a journey through some of my favorite stories of thanksgiving in the Scripture. When King David brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem he organized a one-time worship service followed by a permanent assignment of daily worship for members of the Levites. Not only did the King appoint thanksgiving to be the theme of the songs used in worship, but he also wrote a new song and ordered that Asaph and his brothers add it to the daily worship music. You can read the lyrics to the new song in 1 Chronicles 16:8-34. Here are the highlights of thanksgiving that stand out to me.

  1. Thanksgiving must include the re-telling of the stories of God’s mighty deeds.  (verses 8-13) We could all make a list of the wondrous works God has done in our lives and then thank God for at least one of them every day.
  2. Thanksgiving also includes remembering God’s promises to us. (verses 14-22) Start a list of the promises God has made to you and then thank Him daily for never breaking one of them.
  3. Thanksgiving includes singing that is motivated by our salvation. (verse 23) As I write this the Holy Spirit is reminding me of a song to sing. It’s an old hymn that I haven’t heard for years. It’s the song of a soul set free. Even if you don’t know the melody, the lyrics express the reason we sing of our salvation.

Fairest of ten thousand, is Jesus Christ my Saviour,

The Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,

He is all my glory and in this heart of mine,

Forevermore I’m singing a song of love divine.

Once my heart was burdened, but now I am forgiven,

And with a song of gladness, I’m on my way to heav’n;

Christ is my Redeemer, my Song of songs is He,

My Saviour, Lord and Master, to Him my praise shall be.

‘Tis the song of the soul set free,

And its melody is ringing;

‘Tis the song of the soul set free,

Joy and peace to me it’s bringing,

‘Tis the song of the soul set free,

And my heart is ever singing

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The song of the soul set free.

Oswald Jeffrey Smith (b. Nov. 8, 1889; d. Jan. 25, 1986)

4. Thanksgiving culminates in the worship of the glory of God. (verses 24-34) Every day we should be praising God for Who He is. He is great (vs. 25). He is the Creator of all things (vs. 26). He is strong and majestic (vs. 27). He is holy (vs. 29). He is Sovereign (vs. 30). He reigns over all (vs. 31). He is good (vs. 34). God’s love never fails (vs. 34).

Now, let the thanksgiving begin.

Pastor John

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