Keep Investing

LifeLink Devotional
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The second story Jesus told in his conversation with His disciples in Matthew twenty-five is convicting. You can read the whole story in verses fourteen through thirty. Here’s a summary.

Three guys are called in by a business owner who is leaving on a trip, and he puts them in charge of his resources. He divides them up as he chooses, then he leaves. Two of the men immediately do their best to build the business and produce a profit for the owner. The third man is scared of what he might lose so he chooses to eliminate any risk of loss by not using anything he had been given. When the owner returns he calls for an accounting. He commends the men who served his interests. He condemns the man who served his own interests.

Do you see why this is so convicting? Jesus will condemn those who serve their own
interests. He will commend those who are found serving Christ’s interest in redeeming the world.

What interests are you serving with the resources, time, gifts, skills, and energy Jesus has given you?

Pastor John

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