I’m Okay Because…

LifeLink Devotional

Friday, September 18, 2020

Later today I have the honor of officiating at a wedding. As my wife and I went through Calvary’s marriage mentoring program with the couple, we gave them a two-week assignment we give to every couple. “Every time you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ there has to be a ‘because’ attached to it, and the because can never be an action but a character trait. AND, you can never repeat one in the two week period.”

Some couples find this very difficult. The words I love you can lose their significance through over-use unless a reason for saying them is attached. Try it with your wife or husband. “I love you because you are so kind” means a whole lot more than “I love you because you’re cute.”

Now, take that principle and apply it to our spiritual lives with Christ. What if we started giving reasons for why we are okay every time we are asked? How would you finish this statement when someone asks you how you are?

“I’m okay because…”

If the way you fill in the blank is based on circumstances, then you won’t be okay for long. However, if you finished the statement with something that has to do with the character and activity of Christ in you, then you will always be okay.

In First Thessalonians chapter five the Apostle Paul reminds us why we are okay.

“For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.”

Here is a list from the rest of that passage to help you get started on your list of reasons you are okay.

  1. We are children of Light, and do not have to be affected by the darkness
  2. We are awake. We are alert to what is happening and aware of Christ’s sovereignty over it all.
  3. We are sober, under the influence of the Holy Spirit alone, so we can rationally understand what is happening around us and respond appropriately.
  4. We are protected by faith and love. Our hearts remain strong so that we can endure all things because:
    1. We have faith in Christ’s saving power; and
    2. We know the love of God for us and we are growing in our love for God.
  5. Our minds are filled with hope of the glory to come, so the world does not discourage us.

May the Lord strengthen you as you daily remember that you are okay because…

Pastor John

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