Memorial Day

LIFELINK Devotional
Monday, May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day. I grew up in an era of respect and honor for our nation. My parents lived through World War II. My dad was in the military during that war. I was alive during the Korean War. I remember from early childhood being taught to honor and respect our nation because of the courage of those who founded this great nation. I was deeply impressed as a young boy with the price of liberty paid with the sacrifices of people. I cannot say thanks enough for such sacrifices.

Ultimate freedom, comes at the cost of a life. As you enjoy your holiday today, and as you pay tribute to all the men and women who gave their lives in to win your freedom, remember to honor er the One who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom- the freedom from death. Jesus Christ was lifted up on a cross in front of the whole world in an attempt by man to preserve freedom. What they could not see was that in His death He conquered death and provided eternal life for all who believe in Him.

Now that’s a real Memorial Day.

Pastor John

1 thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Brother John,
    Thanks for that reminder. All too often we separate our Christianity from our celebration and remembrance of our nation and its hero’s. Scripture instructs us to pray without ceasing and to live out our Christianity consistently. Happy Memorial Day!


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