Give A Cup of Cold Water

LifeLink Devotional

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Several years ago, I took a serious fall from a tree stand. Fortunately, the damage to my body was restricted to a torn-up ankle. But the damage to my emotional stability needed to be tested. I remember the first day of the following year’s deer season and I made it up and down the tree stand without incident and without fear.

When my son Jason drove up in the truck and I got all of my stuff loaded, I made sure I grabbed my water bottle and quenched my thirst from the morning hunt. I had walked only a short distance but after 3 hours of sitting and climbing and walking and carrying equipment I was thirsty. That water was sure good, and it was still cold because of the ice I had put in the bottle when I filled it.

I wasn’t really all that weary this morning, but the cold water was just what I needed. It made me think of this verse in Proverbs and gave me a new insight into the analogy Solomon uses.

Proverbs 25:25  Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.

The world is filled with weary souls because they are so distant from the land of peace and security. They are living in a strange world that beats them up, holds them down, and offers them no hope of rescue. They are discouraged and desperate for any news that life can be meaningful and productive. They may seem like they have it all together on the outside with their self-made bandages of prosperity and power, but underneath they are filled with fear. They have no stability because all their relief efforts are unstable and offer no guarantees. They know in their hearts that they are simply existing towards death.

Then someone like you or me shows up in their life and offers them a glimpse of a distant land where there is peace and harmony between brothers and sisters. This land is governed by grace and is lush with love. Every resident is accepted and equally qualified to share in the riches of the landowner. And every resident is thrilled to be able to tell all of those living in the land of death that there is always room for one more person in the land of the living.

“There’s Good News!” We shout it to any and all who will listen. “You can move into our land! There is plenty here for you. You will not be a foreigner but a friend. I can show you how.”

When was the last time you had the wonderful privilege of bringing a cup of cold water to a weary traveler who was looking for the land of the living? Maybe today will be your day.

Fill my cup, Lord, so I’m ready to give the living water to a weary soul.

Pastor John

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