Faith After Failure

LifeLink Devotional

Friday, March 1, 2019

Genesis 13:1 So Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and Lot went with him. Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.

 As we study the life of Abram and learn lessons of faith, we discover in the 12th chapter of Genesis that Abram had made a terrible mistake. (If you are unfamiliar with what happened, take a moment to read it in your Bible.) Abram did something by physical sight rather than spiritual faith. He saw a famine in the land, predicted how it would affect him, and he made a fleshly decision to move to Egypt. Along the way and after arriving, one bad decision led to another and he got himself and his wife into serious trouble. His walk of faith quickly became a walk of sight and bad judgment.

Whenever we walk by our sight we have only our vision to trust, and that inevitably leads to bad decisions and trouble. Our vision is finite, and our judgment is flawed. It is only when we walk by God’s sight according to His wisdom that we experience the provisions of faith that God promises.

In our story, notice the words, “So Abram went up”. No greater words of encouragement could ever be expressed to us after a failure. You see, God provides a way to go up again. There is always a way back to the Promised Land of God’s blessing.

The road back begins with humble honesty. Abram had to finally admit to Pharaoh what he had done, and when he did, he was sent on his way back to the land of blessing. His honesty allowed him to keep all that he had acquired while he was there. Be careful here – don’t let Satan misuse this story to lead us into thinking that we can gain personal prosperity under false pretenses and then at the end admit the truth and we get to keep all the gain. That would be arrogantly presumptuous of God’s holy character and justice. But in this case, God showed us that even in our moments of bad judgment and faithless decision-making, God is at work to restore us to the land of blessing and accomplish His purpose in and through us. It all goes back to what we talked about yesterday – the original vision. God has not withdrawn it. We may have walked away from it, but God is working to complete the purpose in us to which we were called, and that means He helps us to go up again after we have gone down the wrong path.

What past failures and fears have led you down the wrong path and kept you from the land of blessing? Maybe you are still on that path and need to be humbly honest about it. Repent and go up again on God’s path of faith.

Maybe it’s a path you took some time ago but its effects have lingered on into today and hold you in a sort of faith-bondage. Maybe today is the day you step out in faith and go up again to accomplish God’s original vision for your life.

Mark this day on your calendar and write these words in your journal – “Today I went up from _____________ to _______________. (Fill in the blanks with where you have been and where God has called you, respectively.) Make this the day that is commemorated in your spiritual journey as the day you returned to a walk of faith.

Pastor John

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