Celebrate Reproduction

LifeLink Devotional

Monday, January 28, 2019

John 4:34  “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

The final characteristic of Grace – God’s Divine influence on our lives – is this: to fulfill God’s purpose.

It is almost impossible for me to imagine holding a baby and not being filled with joy. I remember every grandchild’s birth. Every conversation with family in the hospital was focused on the tiny relative that was just born. Every whimper and cry was met with immediate attention from all who heard it. No one minded the interruptions. The parents allowed their precious baby to be passed around to any family member who wanted to hold the child, so that everyone could share in the gladness of the event. It didn’t matter who went first: everyone present shared in the joy and excitement of a new life born into the family.

What a beautiful illustration of the church. The Divine Influence of grace upon our hearts is to be reflected in the way we celebrate when the harvest of an eternal soul takes place in Jesus’ Name. It does not matter who first planted the seed of the Gospel in their life, or who nurtured and cared for the seed along the way, or who cultivated and watered the field so the seed could grow, or who ultimately harvested the crop when the person received Jesus Christ as their Savior. All that matters is that the family comes together and rejoices that a new life has been born into the family of God.

When grace has captured us, it is expressed in joy when grace captures anyone else.

One morning several years ago I received an email from one of our middle school youth leaders. A large percentage of the students who attended at that time were from unchurched families. The email was about an idea to recognize and celebrate new believers in Christ. At one point the writer said, “We could start with one student that made a statement of faith that he learned he could have a personal relationship with Jesus, another student that I had the privilege of praying with last night to receive Jesus, and two or three others that other leaders talked to last night.”

I must admit that I was so intent on his idea of how to celebrate, that at first reading I skimmed right over the most important part of the email – the birth of two middle school students into the family of God and the planting of Gospel seeds in three others.

Are you overwhelmed with joy? Do you feel like celebrating? The Divine Influence of grace makes us glad together when the grace of God captures another soul for the kingdom.

God’s purpose for His church and for His disciples is to reproduce. And when we do, and a new life is birthed into the family, we are to celebrate. I wonder why we don’t celebrate more? Maybe, just maybe, I need to grow in the Divine Influence of grace so that I have a greater desire to share His grace with others.

Pastor John

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