Shock Value

LifeLink Devotional

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

 Psalm 83:18 “…that they may know that you alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth.”

News headlines can be shocking. They are written to intentionally get our attention. These are the headlines from today…

Carrier Heads to the Keys

Wait a Second

Amazon Massacre

Viking Discovery

So be honest – which headline got your attention? Some of you may think that mine would be the Viking discovery, and you Packer fans would probably joke “They discovered the end zone.” To which I reply “Get used to it.”

Or maybe you thought the Amazon Massacre had to do with a tragedy at the online shopping giant Amazon. Wrong!

In actuality, the headline that grabs our attention is usually the one that shocks us and directs us to a story we have not heard before. Shock value has only one chance. After that we become desensitized through familiarity. If a story is to live on, then the headline must supply some new information that again grabs our attention so we read on. The whole purpose is to satisfy our need to know, and more specifically our need to know the graphic details.

We also have a spiritual need to know. God has designed each one of us with a recognition of eternity, and a desire to know about it.

Unfortunately, far too often, our human need to know and be known overwhelms the spiritual need to know and be known. The writer of Psalm 83, Asaph, recognizes that condition of man’s heart. In his attempt to know and be known on the earth, man has united together to overthrow all that is God’s. But Asaph makes a powerful request of God. If I were writing the headline for the story it would read:

Catastrophe Produces Sightings of God

Asaph asks God to end man’s pursuit of his own fame in such a way that it shocks people into seeking the knowledge of God. It is clear from what he says in verse eighteen that God is actively designing opportunities for mankind to know Him and be known by Him.

The question for us to consider today is this: What is God doing in your life right now to get your attention so you will value the eternal over the temporal?

The current events of our lives are designed by God so that we may know Him as the Most High over all the earth. The reason some of the events are so shocking is that God needs to get our attention. The “same old, same old” makes us complacent and self-sufficient. Comfort zones are the poisonous bites of the Devil that bring extinction. We need to be shocked backed to life.

God is working to let you know that He is the LORD – the self-sufficient one – and that you are not. He is the Most High God over all the earth. Nothing has happened outside of the direct and complete control of His will. You will find life and peace if you seek Him. To know Him and be known by Him brings the abundance of life that He promised.

Our prayer should be the prayer of Asaph – O God, shock us with your story today so that we may know you.

Pastor John


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