Praise for the Right Reason

LifeLink Devotional

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Psalm 65:1 Praise is due to you, O God…

Today’s Psalm is an amazing answer to yesterday’s issues. Yesterday praise was but a far-off hope. But today we are reminded that the praise of God is not based on the present circumstances, but on the worthiness of God to be praised for who He is.

I am over whelmed with the blessing of knowing that God is God, all the time. No, that is not a misprint. We often say “God is good, all the time.” But it is more appropriate to say “God is God, all the time.” He is constantly due our praise. Here are just four of God’s characteristics listed in this Psalm:

  • He is holy – verse 4
  • He is righteous – verse 5
  • He is powerful – verse 6
  • He is gracious – verse 9

When we grasp the reality of who God is, then the promises of this Psalm will also become the reality of our lives.

  • God hears our prayers – verse 2
  • God forgives our sin – verse 3
  • Satisfaction is ours as we dwell in the courts of the Lord – verse 4
  • Joy is ours in every period of life – verse 8
  • Provision for every need is guaranteed – verses 9-13

How magnificent is our God to hear our complaints one day and then to restore our joy the next day. Joy has returned in the morning.

David captures the essence of renewal and restoration in Psalm 65. God awaits the praise of a healed heart (vs. 1). God hears the prayer of a penitent person (vs. 2), and forgives their sin (vs. 3). God restores us to the fellowship of His presence where we are filled with all the good things of His grace (vs. 4). God responds to our every need with deeds of righteousness and restores hope (vs. 5). All of creation is under His control (vs. 6-7), and He declares that it will bring joy to our hearts (vs. 8)and blessing to our lives (vs. 9-13).

When I am discouraged, there is nothing more healing than the sounds and surroundings of nature. The soothing environment of a stream filled with rocks that serve as noisemakers causing the waters to roar with delight as they pass over them. The leaves on the trees applaud in the wind as the early morning choir of birds assembles and sings in their branches. In the spring, dancing drops of rain soften the dry dirt, and sprouts of new life burst through the decomposing death of last year’s growth. God’s creation not only shouts with joy, but brings praise to my heart.

What God does in nature He can do in our hearts each day. The same Lord who renews the trees with buds and blossoms every spring is ready to renew our lives with hope and courage. The same Creator who uses winter to prepare nature for multiplied growth is also using the winter experience of your heart to prepare you for a bountiful harvest of His life.

Joy is not a far off hope, but can be the present reality of life when our hearts are fixed on the fact that God is God all the time. Healing is coming. God will crown the year with His bounty; His wagon tracks overflow with abundance. The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills gird themselves with joy, the meadows clothe themselves with flocks, the valleys deck themselves with grain, they shout and sing together for joy. (Psalm 65:11-13)

Join with all nature in manifold witness to God’s great faithfulness. Shout for joy!

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