The Seed Determines the Harvest

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Psalm 44:8   In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever.

In times of victory and success it is easy to praise the Lord. It may not be so easy in times of trial. It is in times of victory that the seeds of true faith are planted. It is in times of trial that the harvest of true faith is proven.

The seeds of true faith can only be planted in soil that has been prepared to accept any seed. Victory and success soften the soil of our hearts so that it becomes fertile and receptive to the seed God will plant.

We have two types of seed available to us: there is the seed of pride planted by those who take credit for their successes and victories; and there is the seed of faith planted by those who are humble and know that it is God alone who decrees victory. Whichever seed choose to plant in times of victory will be the crop that is harvested in times of defeat.

Those who have planted seeds of pride will harvest a crop of discouragement and despair when the battles of life end in earthly defeat.

Those who have planted the seeds of faith will harvest hope when all seems hopeless.

Pride always ends in destruction because its foundation is the finite weakness of self. Faith always ends in hope because its foundation is the infinite power of a sovereign God. If in times of victory we pridefully take credit for our own efforts, then in times of defeat we will have nowhere to turn because the recognition of our own weakness overwhelms us yet pride will not allow us to take the blame. But if in times of success we give the credit to God, then in times of failure we will still have hope because we know and trust the nature and character of God and His power to deliver.

Psalm 44 is an incredible statement of faith. God receives the glory for each and every victory, and the Psalmist trusts the Sovereign control of God when things have gone bad. He declares that their current suffering is not a punishment of sin nor is it a consequence of rebellion against God. He understands that God has chosen this difficult path for them to walk for this time, and he proclaims his trust in God’s providence when he says, “Yet for your sake we face death all day long.”  

Because of his faith in God he is willing to face death for the sake of the Name of God. Because of his knowledge of God he is able to pray redeem us because of your unfailing love.” At no point did his faith fail. At no time did he take control of the outcome. Not once did he claim to have a solution. He endured the trial as one who totally trusts the purpose and plan of God for his life.

He had long ago, in the sweet times of success, learned to give God all of the glory. The seeds of faith were planted in the warm soil of his soul, so that when the weather turned wicked he could enjoy the harvest of faith that he had reaped and know that spring was coming again.

In what do you boast? Are you able to boast in it always? If not, then you have planted the wrong seeds in the soil of your soul. It’s time to re-plow your heart and plant the seeds of faith. Then you will be able to declare with the Psalmist, In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever.”

Pastor John

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