Who Is the Real Enemy?

Identify the Right Enemy

Psalm 35:27  “Great is the LORD, who delights in the welfare of his servant!”

No cute stories today. No attention-grabbing quotes. Just good Bible study.

Go ahead – take the plunge.

As I began to read the 35th Psalm this morning, I was struck with the thought that this Psalm is an allegory of spiritual warfare. I think it would be wise for you to read it.


Now, after reading it, was it not your first impression that the Psalmist is talking about all of the people who oppose him and intend to harm him? It was mine.

But as I looked at it, knowing that David had many enemies and there is a personal application to his present circumstances, I wondered if there was a more significant application that reaches to us all. I especially thought that when I considered the context of phrases like “Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD, exulting in His salvation,” and “O LORD, who is like you, delivering the poor from him who is too strong for him, the poor and needy from him who robs him.” I began to think that this Psalm is an allegory that proclaims an eternal truth of salvation rather than just a testimony to David’s deliverance from personal enemies.

I am convinced that we are fighting the wrong enemy. We are paying far too much attention to people who are not really our enemies and by doing so the real enemies are more dangerous than ever because of our denial of their presence and power. Our enemies are not people, but rather the spiritual forces of evil, with a leader who roams the earth like a lion seeking to devour us.

The Apostle Peter recognized this when the Holy Spirit spoke through him and said,   Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

It is Satan and his demons who ultimately contend against us. (vs. 1) It is Satan and his demons who are the ones who seek after our lives and devise evil against us (vs. 4). It is Satan who stands before the throne of God as the accuser of the brothers of Christ and maliciously assaults us with false accusations. (vs. 11)

Yet it is the Lord Jesus Christ who takes hold of His shield and buckler, and draws His spear and javelin and becomes our salvation. (vs. 2-3) It is the LORD who will rouse Himself for our cause and vindicate us according to His righteousness. (vs. 23-24)

Then, in joyous celebration we will shout, “Great is the LORD, who delights in the welfare of his servant!”

So go back and read the whole Psalm again, this time as an allegory of the spiritual warfare that took place when Jesus Christ conquered the Enemy and brought us our salvation. Put yourself and your present situation into the Psalm, and replace the people you think are causing the problems with the spiritual forces that truly are. My guess is that you will discover a new perspective on things. And when you do, you too, like David, will be motivated to tell of the LORD’S righteousness and of His praise all the day long. (vs. 28)

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