Go Deep in the Dark

Go Deep

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Psalm 19:1-2   The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

The object of the game of football is to score points, and the fastest way to do that is to get the ball over the goal line for a touchdown. As a young boy I remember the neighborhood football games that reflected our desire to score lots of points. We had only one play. As we entered the huddle, the quarterback would simply say, “everybody go deep.” That meant that all the eligible receivers, which was everyone on the team, was to run as far down the field as possible and wait for the high arching lob pass to fall from the sky and try to catch it. The one or two times a game that it actually worked was motivation enough to try it over and over again.

I was reminded of that when I started reading one of my favorite Psalms – Psalm 19. I know I will be writing more from this Psalm tomorrow because the scenic overlooks for my life are numerous. But I stopped in verse two when the Holy Spirit revealed a simple yet profound truth to me. God wants me to go deep.

Look at the contrast presented to us in verse two.

  • Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

You see, in the light we may see more things, but at night it is actually possible to see further. Now at first you may question that, but think about it from two different perspectives.

First, in the daytime, our eyes are filled with so many possible sights that our eyes flit to and fro as we try to take it all in. We are bombarded with multiple visual images. But at night, most of the distractions are gone, and we are forced to focus intently on what we want to see. It is in those moments of focus that we actually learn more.

Second, in the daytime, we have the opportunity to experience the most input of information. But at night, we have the best opportunity to grow in the depth of our knowledge.

Try this. It’s a sunny day today, at least where I live. Go outside and look up into the blue sky and see how far you can see. Right now out my window my eyes are attracted to the wispy cloud formations that interrupt the depth of the blueness as they float silently across the sky. They are approximately three miles high. Yet we focus on them, because beyond them is only blue, with no points from which to judge distance or depth.

Now, tonight, when it’s totally dark, go outside and look up into the sky. If it’s a clear night, you may still see a few clouds, but your eyes are not attracted to them because beyond them is a moon, and beyond it are the stars which are billions of billions miles away. Do you understand? You can’t see as much at night, but you can see further.

That’s what the Holy Spirit is teaching me from the first two verses of this incredible Psalm. We tend to be far too satisfied to live only in the daytimes of life, experience the abundance of speech being poured out on us from multiple sources. We read this devotional, then turn to another one, then follow a Facebook post leading to another story. We bombard ourselves with spiritual information. But is at night when God reveals the depth of His knowledge to us. It is in the dark times of life that He causes us to focus in on the greatness of His being and the workings of His hand on our behalf. It is when we look up into the expanse of the universe that we get the greatest view of the immensity of God.

Let us not be afraid of the dark. Let us open our eyes, look up, and as we see the tiny pinpoints of light that are so untouchable, let us remember that the God who created it has invited us to go deep and experience Him up close and personal.

That’s a spiritual touchdown.

Pastor John

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