Don’t Be A Fool

No Longer a Fool

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Psalm 14:1   The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

There is an increasing volume level to the voices of those who say there is no God. The noise is booming throughout the world. But there is something that concerns me even more than the loudness of a few who vocalize their opposition to God. It is the quietness of the multitude of people who on the outside appear to believe in God but in their hearts they deny His relevance to their lives. It is these people who pose the greatest threat because they are the greatest fools.

Look at Psalm 14:1 again. The greatest fool is the one who denies God in His heart. The vocal ones may appear to be the biggest threat, but the hypocrite is the biggest fool.

Now, for this truth to have any impact on our lives, we must make it personal. So we must engage in some Holy Spirit evaluation. Here is a simple guide to assist you with the evaluation. (Watch out – the first question isn’t so simple. As a matter of fact, none of them really are. But please read on.)

  • If I say I believe in God, what makes me different from the demonic angels who also believe that He exists?
  • If I say that God is real to me, then am I learning to trust Him with every detail of my life?
  • If I say I am a follower of Jesus Christ, do I live in such a way as to model my love for Him in every part of my life?
  • Do my thoughts, ideas, and attitudes support or contradict what I want other people to see about my belief in God?
  • Is the Holy Spirit enjoying the consistent atmosphere of faith as He dwells in me, or is their constant tension because my will is so strong?

No one likes to be called a fool, yet God calls people fools who do not sincerely believe in Him from their heart. The outward appearance means nothing to God. He searches the heart to find out what we really believe. Our thoughts and attitudes are the true indicator of what we believe, and it should scare us a little how many times we love and trust ourselves rather than God. In that moment, we are being foolish.

When the head knowledge of God brings forth the fruit of heart belief, then we will leave the fear-stricken realm of the foolish and experience the super-abundant peace of God.  This level of peace will be ours when the contradictions between the heart and our life-choices are removed through a sincere faith in Jesus Christ that produces holiness. Then, no matter what happens in us, to us, or around us, we will have no fear, because we know God.

King David declared it this way at the end of Psalm 14 – There they are in great terror, for God is with the generation of the righteous. You would shame the plans of the poor, but the LORD is his refuge.

While the world in its foolish disbelief plunges into terror and shame, we who truly believe in Christ will stand strong, for we know that God is with us, and He is our refuge.

Now go back and read the evaluation questions again. The Holy Spirit wants you to be convinced that what you say you believe is coming from a heart that sincerely believes. Don’t be satisfied to even be a little bit of a fool.

Pastor John

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