To Know God is to Trust God

To Know Him Is To Trust Him

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

 Psalms 9:9 – 10  The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you.

We all have fears to some extent. We all worry to a degree. What we may not have is that fear and worry are the products of ignorance of God, or, if we do claim to know Him, the denial of God as being relevant to our life. Fear is the enemy of faith in God, and originates in man’s desire to trust himself. Fear and worry are the product of trusting self because we know our limitations and failures. Fear can only be eliminated through trust in God.

The Psalmist says that those who know His name will trust in Him. So today, at this scenic overlook in Psalm 9, I have decided to contemplate the names of God and how they reveal God’s nature and character to me so that I can trust Him. It is through the knowledge of God that He becomes my refuge and stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know God, both intellectually and experientially, have no need to fear or worry.

So join me as we take in the spectacular panorama before us, gazing at the splendor of the Names of God and the trustworthiness of His character that they represent. It is not a complete list, but it is a great starting point for us to understand that when we know His Name, we can put our trust in Him.

EL: God is mighty, strong, and prominent.

ELOHIM: plural form of EL, denoting the Trinitarian nature of God, proclaiming Him as Creator, Preserver, Mighty and Strong.

EL SHADDAI: God Almighty or “God All Sufficient.” He is complete, self-sufficient, and self-sustaining, needing nothing from me and able to provide everything for me.

EL ELYON:  Most High. The One and the Only True God, exalted in the heavens above all.

EL ROI: God of Seeing. The God who see us, and who opens our eyes so that we may see Him and His purpose.

EL-OLAM: Everlasting God. He is not constrained by time or space, so is with me at all times.

EL-GIBHOR: Mighty God. He is able to conquer. He is victorious. He never loses.

ADONAI: Lord or Master, Absolute ruler, He is sovereign. He is always in control of all things.

JEHOVAH: YHWH is the covenant name of God and proclaims His eternal existence. He is the Self-Existent One, “I AM WHO I AM”. He transcends all time and space and human limitations.

JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Lord will provide. God always provides; He is adequate for us when the hard times come.

JEHOVAH-ROPHE: The Lord Who Heals. This implies spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

JEHOVAH-NISSI: The Lord Our Banner. God is on the battlefield, fighting our enemies, and we rally to victory around His banner.

JEHOVAH-M’KADDESH:  The Lord Who Sanctifies. God makes us whole and holy, set apart for His glory. He defines and dictates the purpose for our life.

JEHOVAH-SHALOM: The Lord Our Peace.  Peace that results from being a whole person in right relationship to God and to one’s fellow man.

JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU: The Lord Our Righteousness. With perfect justice we are declared innocent by the righteous Judge.

JEHOVAH-ROHI: The Lord Our Shepherd.  He cares for us, leads us, and provides for our every need.

JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH: The Lord is there. He is always there. For you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. (Psalm 9:10)

JEHOVAH-SABAOTH: The Lord of Hosts. The commander of the angelic host and the armies of God is our stronghold and defense.

Now if you just read all of that and are satisfied that you know God, let me ask you to reflect on something. Knowing God is much more than simply having intellectual knowledge of Him. To truly know Him we must experience Him. So god back to the list and apply what you know to be true of God to the specific circumstances of your life right now. Ask God to reveal his nature and character to you through that circumstance. Then, in the future, when fear and worry attack you, you will be able to tap in on the previous experiences of trusting God.

Don’t be content with head knowledge. Head knowledge does not generate love. Experience generates love. Experience God in your life, and then you will be able to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. At that point He will become your refuge when you are oppressed and your stronghold in times of trouble.

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Pastor John

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