Worshiping from Home

This is a very rare occurrence. I am sitting at home on the couch in an empty house on a Sunday morning while the church of Jesus Christ that meets at an Eau Claire location called Calvary gathers to worship.

I’m sick. I’ve got a bad cough from heavy nasal and chest congestion. I chose not to be with God’s people today for their benefit. Pastor Josh, with two days’ notice, is preaching today what may be his first Palm Sunday sermon ever. I can’t wait to watch it on live stream and worship from home with my family of Christ followers.

I came down with this virus last Monday night, the evening before we left on our mission trip to South Dakota with a crew of men and women who worked diligently to serve one of our supported mission organizations. It was a great trip, but for the second (or is it third now) year in a row I got sick for the trip. These spring colds hit me every year at the same time.

As I sit here the Lord is filling me with a desire to be productive, so I am writing this blog post today to introduce to you the next four days of devotionals the Holy Spirit has given me. We will be taking a one week break from our study of the Psalms to focus on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sin. Specifically, we will be looking at the blood of Jesus which was shed for our sins.

In preparation for the week, I want you to consider this interesting idea. During the last week of Christ’s life on the earth in His pre-eternal state, we have recorded for us in the Gospel accounts four times that Jesus shed His blood. Each of these occurrences has a specific application to an aspect of sin and its consequences. Starting tomorrow we will look at each of these events and discover some incredible truths about the precious and powerful blood of Jesus Christ. It will be a week of praise as we experience the freedom we now have because of the grace of God that was poured out on us through the shed blood of Jesus.

So go to your Bibles today and find the four places Jesus shed His blood, and let the Holy Spirit be your teacher as we prepare to dive into the subject of our total forgiveness and reconciliation to God made possible by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the shedding of His blood.

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