My First Scenic Overlook

I’m a Tree

Tuesday, March 11, 2015

Psalm 1:3 (ESV)  He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.

Well, my first sightseeing trip in Psalm one was a short one. I only made it to the first part of verse three before I found a scenic overlook to enjoy. (Please see yesterday’s blog for an explanation if you wonder what I am talking about.)  As I paused at verse three, I was fascinated with a couple of spiritual lessons God started to show me.

First, I’m like a tree. If the description of a blessed man in verses one and two is true of me, and I am taking consistent delight in the law of God and meditating on it, then I am a tree. I’m not a reed that bends in the winds of circumstance. I am not a bush that holds close to the ground for stability and security. I am a tree that reaches to the heavens with a structure that withstands the storms and branches out to provide shelter for those who live around me.

Second, I am a chosen tree, for I was planted. I am not here by accident. I am hand-picked and hand-planted by the hand of God. The Master Gardener chose me when I was only a sprout, and placed me in His chosen location where He knew I would flourish.  He placed me in the perfect place where I would be constantly watered by streams flowing directly from His heart. I am nourished by the stream of grace, and the stream of mercy, and the stream of love, and the stream of identity, and the stream of security.

Third, I bear fruit. It may be seasonal, but I will bear fruit. There will be times of refreshment and revitalization needed, but even those times are a part of the fruit-bearing process. Even when it appears that I am placid, I am planning and preparing to produce. Everything about me is to be focused on bearing fruit. Every activity, whether it be watering my soul in His Word, or expanding my influence through the growth of new branches of relationships, I am designed to bear fruit. The Master has provided me with everything I need to bear fruit for Him.

Fourth, I am never dormant. The nature of Christ in me provides daily life that never requires the loss of leaves. I am not deciduous, but dedicated to daily life. In Christ I am ever-green, showing signs of life even when fruit is not visible. I have no need to take a break from following Christ and serving Him for I do not do it in my strength, but in His. I do not depend on the nourishment falsely advertised by the world as sufficient and sustaining. I depend wholly on the streams of living water coming from an eternal Source. I constantly represent eternal life.

Fifth, and finally, a tree like I just described has no other option but to prosper. A tree that is chosen by God, planted with a purpose, and nourished by living water, will always produce prosperously. My problem is that I choose to define prosperity in human terms and according to human circumstances. But when I see the tree of my life from God’s perspective, it is always prosperous.

Wow! That was an amazing scenic overlook. And we are just getting started. Tomorrow we will take a trip into Psalm 2.

So what did you learn from Psalm 1? Leave a comment and let all of us be blessed by how God blessed you.

Pastor John

2 thoughts on “My First Scenic Overlook

  1. Pastor John
    I guess while you were in your car I was on my bicycle so to say. I stopped to look at the meditation part. I thought how great it would be to go all day and pull out God’s word and meditate on it so that I wouldn’t be like my old self. I am told that those in Old Testament times they were so in tune to the word that they carried platelets on their belts so they could be near the word and meditate on them as they went about their day. I guess I still can’t get myself to meditate like they could back in the old days with today’s busy schedules and distractions. But if I can keep my mind coming back to it when I wake up and during the night before sleeping I am doing good. I can then see myself growing like the tree you talk about and not the withered fig tree, I will continue to grow new leaves and produce fruit in my labors for God. I pity those who are wicked and don’t get to stand in their judgment and are sentence to perish forever.


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