Did you notice the new look? Of course you did. And when you saw it, what were your first thoughts? For some it would have been, “OH NO! I HATE CHANGE!”

Others might have thought, “OOOH! I LIKE IT!”

Many won’t care about the change of title or look so long as the content helps them in their daily walk with Jesus Christ.

Well my friends, that will NEVER change! No matter what this blog is called, it will never stray from its purpose – to help people connect more deeply with God through a deeper study of His Word.

So don’t fret about the change. Within the next two weeks an official website for these blogs will be opened, and I will be posting 3-5 devotionals per week by which we can all grow.

Thanks for your prayers as we re-embark on this adventure of serving Jesus by spreading the Word.

Pastor John

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