Connecting Points

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today’s Topic: Fresh Start

Today’s Text:  Isaiah 40:31 (ESV)  but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

They say that Spring is the season of new beginnings. Well, for me, Fall is the time of starting over. After a long summer of excessive distractions, it is now time to get back on track.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not distracted from the Lord; but I was distracted from the normal routine of early morning writing of these Connecting Points. Much was accomplished for the Lord’s work in those distractions as most were designed by Him, yet there was always something missing. I have come to realize that the time I spend in writing is extremely important to my spiritual health.

As I return to the office this morning from my latest adventure across the Midwest, I come with the determination to invest the first hour of my day in hearing from God and sharing with you what He is teaching me.

WAIT! What a horrible word. When used as a suggestion it seems impossible to do. When issued as a command we rise up in rebellion against it and demand an explanation of why. The mere sight of a construction sign on the highway that says “Flagman Ahead” sends sighs of frustration through the car.

We don’t like to wait. We don’t like to wait at stoplights. We don’t like long lines at the store, and in reality any line with more than us in it is long. We check all the open registers before choosing what we think will be the quickest line. If you ever see me in a store, don’t get behind me in line because I always choose the wrong one.

Yet waiting is a fact of life. We’ve tried to make it bearable. We now have countdown timers at intersections that let us know when the light is going to change. They are controlled by pedestrians who have pushed the crosswalk button. Now we get made when we see pedestrians at the corner.

We have created waiting rooms, and we have quickly learned that the time we will spend in them is directly proportional to the number of magazines available. And then there are those that have a children’s play area. Stay away from those or bring a lunch.

How many of us will admit that we are tired of waiting? My hand is raised, or at least it was prior to this morning when God revealed again to me the simple truth of a favorite verse of many of us. They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength. There’s that word – WAIT! Yet today the Lord showed me one simple point that will help me to connect to Him more intimately – Waiting doesn’t make us tired but actually strengthens us.

We waste energy by not waiting. We grow weary by not waiting. We create more problems by rushing in when God has not prepared us or the circumstance for our involvement. The energy spent is not only wasted, but not replenished, making us even more tired than before. God only promises strength to those who wait on Him. He only gives energy to those who are walking and running and working according to His purpose and in His timeframe. God only lifts us higher and higher to soar with Him when we spread our wings in the wind of the Holy Spirit.

WAIT! Before you make any plans today; before you step up in your own strength and wisdom to address any problem; before you insert yourself into any issue; WAIT! Wait for God’s wisdom. Wait for God’s timing. Wait for God’s permission. When He says go, then He will give sufficient grace to go all the way without weariness. When we are tired, it may very well be that we are working in our own strength only.

It is time to wait on the Lord! Enjoy it, and be renewed.

Pastor John

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