Does He or Doesn’t He?

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Today’s Topic: God Knows ALL!

Today’s Text:  Psalm 119:168 (ESV) …for all my ways are before you.

It’s one of my favorite words in the Bible. It may very well be one of the least believed words in the Bible. That’s unfortunate, because it is a word that brings great peace and blessing to those who trust the God who said it. The word is all.

This week I began the yearly process of doing taxes. I have two filings to prepare – mine and a missionary friend’s. I began with his. On Tuesday I organized all of the materials, purchased the latest version of Turbo Tax, and loaded it into my computer. An evening dinner appointment postponed any further work until Wednesday.

I got an early start on my day off, and was making great progress until an idea came to me. In retrospect it was the Lord speaking to me. I began to investigate the options, and decided to use the chat feature in Turbo Tax to ask a tax attorney whether or not it was legal and ethical. After a 40 minute wait to get connected to someone, Gayle’s name appeared on my screen. I shared with her my idea, and she began doing research.

After another 30 minutes of conversation, she called me. We talked for 20 minutes, and during the conversation I discovered her interest in clergy tax law. Of all the representatives in their tax advice division, I got connected to the one person who loves doing minister’s tax returns. Not only did she have a solution to my issue, but gave me other non-solicited opinions and pieces of advice to help me on my personal return. By the way, my idea was correct, legal, and ethical, and not only did it save the missionary $500 but it will now save all missionaries in that organization as well because I called their ministry accountant and gave him the information.

All our ways are before Him! He knows and is in control of everything. EVERYTHING! Isn’t that what all means? So why don’t we trust it!

This morning, I chatted on Facebook with a friend from the Philippines. His desire is to become a teacher at the Bible College I visit, but he is short several credits from a public university to get his teaching credentials. When I asked him how much it would cost, he said the cost is $225 per semester. I told him I would pray for that amount for him. He immediately said he was going to register. I told him that would be a great step of faith. He then asked why, because had I not just promised him the money?

You see, he believes that when God said all He meant all. The fact that I would pray for it was his guarantee that the money would be provided. Where is my faith like that?

Now I’m not a proponent or even a minimal supporter of the prosperity Gospel, and neither is he. I do not claim to be able to name and claim, and I don’t believe there is any support to that philosophy in Scripture. But when the Lord gives us an unction to pray for something, and we are certain in our hearts that the Lord is the author of the request, is the delivery of the answer not guaranteed in ALL cases?

So chew on all of that this weekend, and ask yourself if you really believe in ALL God said.

Pastor John

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