For Future Delivery

Connecting Points

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today’s Topic: For Future Delivery 

Today’s Text:  Psalm 119:122 (ESV) Give your servant a pledge of good;

So far it’s been great. There may be rough days ahead, but to this point everything has gone very smoothly. The potential for sleepless nights and tension-filled days exists, but the present reality overcomes the temptation to fear what may or may not actually happen.

Having three kids around the house for nine days makes me feel young again. Well, actually, it reveals how old I am, but inside I feel young. Listening to a two-year old say “Hi Papa” when I enter the room just melts my heart. Hearing a six-year old granddaughter joke about my baldness doesn’t bother me a bit when she does it while cuddling with me on the couch. And watching a football game with a nine-year old who understands and loves the game (and the right team) the way he does is so enjoyable.

Now, if my daughter and son-in-law are reading this on the cruise ship today, don’t get any ideas about not coming back. I know they wouldn’t ever think that. But every once in a while, having these kids around for extended stays is a great idea. We’ll see how today goes after last night’s sleep-overs. Tired kids usually make for crabby kids.

Yesterday after church I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some things we needed – like milk. Boy can those kids go through the milk. When I go to the store I usually end up with more than what’s on the list. Yesterday was no exception. I bought two extra things. When I got home, I told the kids I bought them a treat. They came running with their expectations flying. They couldn’t stop asking what it was as I slowly and intentionally unpacked all the other groceries.

Finally I reached the bottom of the bag, and with a grand announcement I pulled out a bag of grapes. They love grapes, but it wasn’t anywhere in their expectations of what a treat should be. Their faces dropped with disappointment. They said thank-you, but in very reserved tones with no eye contact. They had been given a pledge of good and it had not been delivered.

But the bag was not empty yet. I reached down in one more time and grabbed what was still there. As I removed the items I asked, “So would this be better?” There in my hand was three bags of Skittles. There was an explosion of enthusiasm. They reached for them immediately, but I was still quick enough to pull them out of their reach. We hadn’t had lunch yet.

I told them the treats were for some time later – to be handed out at my discretion. I then placed them inside an out-of-reach cupboard. Of course I was bombarded with questions – “When can we have them?” “What do we have to do to earn them?” “Are they for after lunch?”

I simply said that they were for some time later. Since yesterday, they have not asked about them once. Have they forgotten that they are there? Not a chance. But they have accepted the pledge of good as a promise of delivery, and they are waiting for the Grandpa that they trust to make good on the pledge.

I’m waiting for the God I trust to make delivery on the good He has pledged. Some of it has already come. Some of it is still on its way. Someday, at His discretion, it will all be delivered. For today, I can just enjoy what’s going on, knowing that the God who made a pledge of good is incapable of failing to deliver His promises to me. His discretion as to when the delivery takes place is His way of teaching me faith and patience.

In fact, when I think about it, even the waiting for delivery of the expected good is God’s way of delivering to me the good that He knows I need right now – patience and faith. God is always making His good available to us!

Hey kids, the grapes are still on the counter. Eat up!

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