Turn the Light On!

Connecting Points

Monday, January 07, 2013

Today’s Topic: Turn the Light On                                                      

Today’s Text:  Psalm 119:105 (ESV)  Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

What a great day it was yesterday. Worship at church was so Spirit-filled and Christ-centered. People fed on the Word of God and were satisfied. Fellowship with the family of God was sweet. It was a tremendous start to a wonderful day.

After arriving at home following a very nice lunch with my incredible wife, I quickly changed into my hunting clothes for the final afternoon of the bowhunting season. I spent two-and-a-half hours on a tree stand surrounded by multiple trails in the snow. But whatever group of deer made those trails, they weren’t there yesterday. But a day in the woods is so refreshing.

On the way home I called my wife and she suggested I bring home an evening treat of ice cream. I obliged, of course, and when I pulled into the garage I set the treats outside so they would stay cold while I put all of my hunting gear away. Then, before removing my boots, I set the treats on the stairs in the garage. While I was removing my coat, the light on the garage door opener turned off. I had not turned on any other lights. The garage was pitch black, and I’m several steps away from the light switch. I knew exactly where it was, and knew how to get to it without running into anything, but instead, I continued to remove my coveralls and my boots.

Having completed that task in the dark, I now had a decision to make. Should I go turn on the lights, move the treats inside, turn on lights that are controlled from inside the garage, go back into the garage and shut off the other lights and then return to the house, or could I make it all happen without the lights on? My philosophy, which doesn’t always work out for the best and sometimes causes bigger problems, has always been to do more in fewer trips, so I chose to do all of this in the dark.

Now some of you are already letting your imaginations run away with you. You are picturing me stumbling on something as I work my way to the steps, falling on the steps, and spilling the ice cream treats all over the garage. You would be wrong. You see, I left out one detail. I had not yet shut the garage door.  From almost a half mile away across the road from my house, a car had its headlights on. The light was unhindered by any obstruction in the open farm field between me and the car. The light, while very faint, was just enough for my already-adjusted eyes to see a faint reflection of white cups on the steps. I walked toward that spot, picked up the treats, went up the steps, and pushed the garage door button to not only close the door but to also turn on the light again. All was safe.

Sometimes we feel like we are living in the dark. We know there are things we want somewhere within our reach, but we can’t seem to find them. We are afraid to even try to find them for fear that we will hurt ourselves or damage something or someone else. In our pride we think we can manage in the dark, and the memory of a few successful adventures in the dark inspires us to try more.

But there is a light that is always shining, even if it is so far away that we can only see faint images around us. It is the light of God’s Word in our hearts. We have hidden it there so that we won’t stumble, and God is faithful so that even when we choose to try stuff in the dark, He keeps His light on. If we choose, the light could be brighter, and it would be better if we chose that option right away. But my choices do not stop God’s light from shining.

Somewhere in your darkness there is a light shining. It is God’s light, and once He has turned it on in your life it cannot be turned off. We can push it far away by choosing to surround ourselves with darkness, but we cannot turn off the light.

In your darkness today, look carefully for the light that is shining. Then walk to it. It will become your path, and soon it will be bright enough to guide every step.

Pastor John

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