Embrace Imperfection

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Today’s Topic: Embrace Imperfection                                               

Today’s Text:  Psalm 119:96 (ESV)  I have seen a limit to all perfection, but your commandment is exceedingly broad.

What?!! A limit to perfection? How can that be? If it’s perfect, it must have no limit, right?

These are the questions that ran through my mind when I read today’s verse in Psalm 119:96. But the context explains the meaning, as is usually the case when studying Scripture.

You see, the Psalmist is referring to his own attitudes about his life, and also to those of the people around him. It is a universal issue of the human heart to proclaim one’s own perfection. But as Charles Spurgeon wrote in his commentary on the Psalms, Is it not the beginning of perfection to lament your imperfection?

Here is my simple application for today – simple only in words but not in application. It is only when I realize that I am not perfect in any area of my life, nor can I ever achieve perfection in any area of my life, that I will begin to know and understand the exceeding abundance of God’s grace towards me that brings His perfection. It is only when I have reached the end of all my resources and strength that I will begin to experience the limitless power of God.

This morning I chatted with a new friend from India. We made a Facebook connection through a mutual friend – Crawford Loritts. We chatted about his ministry in southern India, and exchanged information about our personal lives and passion for the Gospel. At one point, as I told him about myself, I found myself writing something that was totally of the Holy Spirit, for it could not have come from my flesh. I wrote, I am weak and easily distracted by the world. But in my weakness, God’s strength is made perfect!

That is the heart of what the Psalmist was teaching me today. I have seen where my sense of perfection has met with my limitations, but it is in those times that I have seen the inexhaustible supply of God’s wisdom and strength found in His Word.

Stop trying to perfect your life. It is in the lamenting of your imperfections that perfection begins.

Pastor John


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