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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today’s Topic: Tough Assignment                                                    

Today’s Text:  Psalm 119:79-80 (ESV) 79 Let those who fear you turn to me, that they may know your testimonies. 80 May my heart be blameless in your statutes, that I may not be put to shame!


I am the teacher, yet need to be taught;

I have some questions about what life has wrought.

I want to be blameless, Your Word have I sought;

Yet deep in my heart a war is being fought.

I know that with blood my life has been bought;

But all of my joy is slipping to naught.

A fresh sense of hope and love must be caught;

I am the teacher, yet need to be taught.


Dear friends,

I am behind closed doors. I am struck down in my heart with the reality that right now, I am sure that those who fear the LORD cannot turn to me and see His testimonies.

Tragedy has struck my family in ways I cannot fully explain, but is testing every fiber of my faith. I know in His faithfulness God has afflicted me, but anger and fear are overwhelming the application of truth.

I long to be blameless and not bring shame to my LORD in how I respond, but I don’t know if I can righteously balance justice and grace. I know God will show me the way, and as I wait on Him my strength will be renewed. God knows I need those intellectual truths to captivate my heart, and I surrender to the work He is doing.

Is it hard? Beyond description.

Is it debilitating? My emotions are raw and thin.

Is it impossible? My mind opposes the promise of God that with Him nothing is impossible.

Is there hope? If not, I would not be writing to you and baring my soul.

Please pray for me and my family. Satan is doing all he can to destroy the work of Jesus Christ. The enemy has now made it personal. I need to know how to stand in the promised victory of God.

Pastor John

5 thoughts on “OVERWHELMED!!!

  1. PJ, the arms of those who love you and your family are around you right now and none are holding you more tightly than God’s! If there is nothing else I’ve learned in my life or hold onto more tightly, it’s that God is in control and He WILL make ALL things turn out alright, sooner or later!! He will not let you go! Hold fast to His love and promises. I’m praying and thanking God for the outcome to His honor and glory!


  2. PJ – I could have written what you have shared above and understand completely the pain you are experiencing. I question my heart, my testimony and the tons of emotions I carry. I throw myself at the cross and cling with every once of strength I have knowing my only hope is in the Lord the author and finisher of my faith. We know we have faith, we tell others, but it isn’t until we are faced with a crisis in our own lives that the rubber meets the road. Is God’s word true? YES!!! The surgeon is at work in our hearts and lives, lay down relax take the anesthesia and allow the work to be done. (easier said than done) Praying for you as I know you have been praying for me.


  3. We feel for you — there have been seasons when we’ve ”been there” too. May you lay your head back on the Lord’s chest and let him hold you and take you through.


  4. PJ,
    Even on this side of the world there are people who love you. God has blessed us all in so many many ways. He has not forsaken you. Have hope and faith my brother.


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