The Most Test

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Today’s Topic: The Most Test

Today’s Text:  Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)  As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.

The Internet is amazing. Literally billions of people networked together on an information superhighway. In fact, just this morning, I spoke by video using Skype to Dudley and Inge Donaldson in Swaziland, Africa. That was the first time they were able to get it to work, and it was such a blessing. For any of you that have Skype, the best time to communicate with them will be between 2 and 3 PM Central Daylight Time.

But the Internet cannot be compared to the network of life that was created by and is managed by Almighty God. The last 36 hours have testified to God’s amazing network in my own life. Here is a summary of events that actually started four weeks ago, although in reality it has been in place in the heart of God since before the foundations of the world.

  • I attended the Moody Pastor’s Conference
  • I was led in worship by a music group called This Hope
  • I heard a song they sang

Now fast forward to yesterday morning at 1:45 AM. I received a phone call from a scared new daddy. His son had been born six hours earlier, but a serious issue with the baby’s lungs was resulting in a helicopter flight to Mayo Hospital in Rochester. He called for prayer. I prayed with him.

Now, if you remember Tuesday’s devotional about doing the least or the most, you will know that at that moment I had a choice. The least I could do was pray for him. But is that what God was calling me to do? Of course not! So I spent the next hour in prayer and Scripture for this precious baby and for his parents. I asked the Lord to inform me when His perfect timing was right for me to leave for Rochester to be with the dad and the baby. Here is the summary of what took place next:

  • I left my house at 3:30 AM, driving to Kwik Trip for coffee. On the way I stopped by the Great Harvest Bread store to tell my son to be praying. He wasn’t there yet, but the two early morning bakers were, and I informed them of what was going on. God is already using that to minister to their hearts.
  • As I drove, I played the CD of This Hope I had purchased at Moody. I did not know what was wrong with the baby yet, and was seeking God’s comfort for my own heart as my mind replayed previous experiences I have had like this. I replayed song #9 over and over again and tried to keep my eyes dry of tears so I could see the road and any deer. Three times they ran across the road in front of me and the Lord protected me each time. Song #9 is entitled God of the Storm, and the lyrics go like this:

Like thunder in my day it comes / The doctor’s words just leave me numb / With pounding heart I wonder what I’ll do /  Doubts begin to cloud the way / Will I ever be the same / Father I’m scared and I need you / Though I’m weak and the storm rages on / I know my God is strong / When the thundering trials shake me / When troubles crash and rage / I will trust the Master of the rain/ He’s God of the storm / Lord of the rain / Though I may fear / His refuge remains / He’s God of the storm / His power displayed / Trials will come / I will trust Him the same / He’s God of the storm.

  • God had put that song in my heart four weeks earlier knowing that I would need it for this day. Like I said, His network of life is AWESOME!
  • I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 AM, and no one was at the welcome desk. As I picked up the phone to call the operator for information, the baby’s dad and grandma walked around the corner into the lobby. God’s perfect timing. He is God of the storm, and of every other time in our lives as well.
  • On the way home I put in the other CD I had purchased at Moody. I came to song #9 on this one, and was again overwhelmed with the lyrics God had prepared in the song Rest My Child:.

A newborn babies cry / A mother’s heart is asking why / As worried doctors rush to help her son / What will the future hold / How will this challenged life unfold / Now all that she can see are dream undone / And as her spirit quakes / She hears the One who can calm all fears / Rest my child / I am here to hold you / I am what you need for life’s dark hour / Rest my child / Lay your cares upon me / I am always by your side / So rest my child.

  • I prayed for the baby’s mom. Last night I got this word from the daddy – “Emmett had a little rough patch this afternoon with his breathing, but as soon as mommy showed up they cuddled and he did beautifully. Praise the Lord!”
  • As I read that I could hear mommy whispering to the baby, Rest my child, I am here to hold you; I am what you need for life’s dark hour…

“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you,” says the Lord. He is here to hold you in life’s darkest hour. He has networked all of life together to be a display of His love for you and His power on your behalf. You can trust Him!

Pastor John

1 thought on “The Most Test

  1. PJ you always lead by example and you are a good “Under-Shepard” Thanks again for being open and obedient to the Great Shepard’s leading.


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