Sorry I Missed You

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today’s Topic:  Sorry I Missed You

Today’s Text:  Isaiah 50:2  When I came, why was there no one? When I called, why was there no one to answer? Was my arm too short to ransom you? Do I lack the strength to rescue you?

Yesterday I had an appointment out in the country south of Fall Creek. On the way I would pass the farm of an elderly gentleman that I have yet to meet, but who might be willing to let me bow hunt for deer on his property – at least that’s what another new acquaintance of mine told me. So I stopped in to his house. He wasn’t home. On my way home from my appointment I dropped by again, and he still wasn’t home. I was disappointed. In one month the season opens, and it sure would be nice to have some land to hunt that was closer to my home. I’m really sorry I didn’t get to meet the landowner.

Most of the time I carry business cards in my pocket for just such occasions, but yesterday I didn’t have any on me. Usually I take one out and write these words on the back – “Sorry I missed you.”  Then I give a quick explanation of what I wanted and ask them to call me. Most people appreciate the effort and respond.

As we continue our study of the biblical book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, we come to chapter fifty where God is having the same kind of a day with the nation of Israel. He came to visit them and they weren’t home. He called them and there was no answer. Then the Lord gives them the reason for His visit – He was there to rescue them from the trouble they were in. Unfortunately they weren’t available.

As God gives the people the reasons for His visit He also reveals the reason for the trouble they were in – they didn’t think God really cared or that God could really do anything about it. God says, “Why are you avoiding me? Is it because you think my arm is too short to ransom you or that I lack the strength to rescue you?” In other words, do you really think God doesn’t care or that He lacks the ability and resources to help you?

I wonder how many times I have missed a visit from God in my life because I was off trying to fix things in my own wisdom and strength. As I reflect on my natural tendencies I know that I tend to jump rather quickly into fix-it mode. Then, when my strength and resources are exhausted, I turn to God for help. How sad!

How great is the denial in which we live when we think that what we are doing is just our natural tendency, almost as if we are trying to justify our behavior. Oh how we need to fall on our knees before the Father and admit that we just don’t trust Him or think He really cares. We prefer our own control rather than surrender to His control. As a result we wander off to do things our way, and we miss His visit.

But God is so gracious. He reaches into His bottomless pocket and pulls out His business card and a pen. Then, with ink that strangely resembles blood He writes these words – “Sorry I missed you” – and places it in the door of our heart where we are sure to see it whenever we choose to open it again.

Quick, go check the door. Maybe God’s been at your place recently. He’s still available.

Pastor John


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