Fisherman Training

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Today’s Topic:  Fisherman Training

Today’s Text:  Isaiah 45:22    “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.”

Well I’m back from my fishing trip. I didn’t catch one thing. I made a few casts with some pretty flashy lures, but not one fish grabbed hold. Actually, most of the trip was about re-training the fisherman. That was very effective.

For most of the trip God took me through some pretty rough waters. I was literally drowning in remorse and regret. For some reason all the failures of my past were brought to my mind, and all of the hardships of the present were seen as more evidence of my unworthiness. I really believed I was unfit for service to the King.

Then the breakthrough came. God reminded me clearly from the authority and truth of His Word that I am forgiven. The past is gone and He remembers it no more. The future is His and He has asked me to be a part of it. He reminded me that I am His because He chose me, He cleansed me, and He commissioned me to do His work. I’m ready for fishing.

Fishing is all about forgiveness. It’s not very flashy, but it’s the only lure we need. People must be told they can be forgiven. It’s what the entire ministry of Jesus was all about – to seek and to save the lost. He was constantly forgiving the worst of sinners. Jesus had to remind me that I have been forgiven. I’m not sure I ever really understood the impact that God’s forgiveness of my sin should have had on my life. I’m starting to. I’m ready to go fishing.

God is confirming His purpose in me. He answered prayer about a ministry opportunity for me. He answered with a “YES!” I’m ready to return to an old favorite fishing hole.

He is clarifying His vision for our church. He is opening doors of ministry. He is testing our faith with a financial crisis that only makes me more resolved to finish the work He has started knowing that He will provide. I’m more ready now than ever before to go fishing.

How about you? How has God been training you to do more fishing? I would love to hear how Jesus is uniting His church in these last days to be fishers of men and build the Kingdom of God.

Pastor John




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