Let the Water Flow

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today’s Topic:  Let the Water Flow

Today’s Text:  Isaiah 42:8   “I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not give my glory to another.”

It’s been at least eight years.   A lot of crud can accumulate in that amount of time, and it had. I wouldn’t have thought about it except all of a sudden during a shower a couple of weeks ago the water just quit running. After about ten seconds it kicked back in again and pressure returned. At first I thought one of our house guests – Dudley – was playing a trick on me. Not so. That began the investigation into the cause.

We have a well at our rural home, so I went to the basement where the pressure tank is located. I began to check the pressure switch and discovered that it wasn’t working properly. I started making some adjustments. I would turn the set screws one way and then the other, trying to get them in just the right place so that the water would flow smoothly without interruption. I would get it to work for a few days, and then it would get messed up again.

Finally, after days of fighting with it I realized that the problem might be either a faulty switch or a plugged feed line to the switch. You see, water has to pass through the feed line under pressure to turn the switch on and off. If the feed line is plugged, the switch can’t work and the water won’t flow consistently. Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner? Oh well, my need to fix what I have rather than replace it got the best of me.

Yesterday I decided to fix it once and for all, so off to the plumbing supply store I went to buy the parts. I got everything I could potentially need, plus used the opportunity to buy a couple of new tools. WooHoo! When I returned my wife and I filled some buckets with water in case we needed it, and then the fun started.

I shut off the power to the pump, disconnected the water conditioner and softener and moved them out of the way. I wondered how rusted in place the parts would be on the back of the pressure tank. I prayed a quick prayer that they would be easy to remove and replace. The first turn of the wrench on the pressure switch surprised me. Why? Hadn’t I just prayed? It came off easily, and not with a “snap” like sometimes. You men know what I mean.

When I turned the switch over and looked at it the feed pipe was almost totally clogged with gunk – oozing rusty crud. No wonder the switch would take forever to turn on and off – there was no way the switch could register the pressure readings. The pipe and switch both needed to be replaced, and while I was at it I put on a new pressure gauge as well. I had it all done and working in less than an hour. What a blessing. I stopped and thanked the Lord for making the job easy and for giving me the skills to accomplish it. He gets all the glory.

I wonder how many times I have done things and taken the credit for them? Probably a lot. You too I’ll bet. God doesn’t take kindly to that. When we take credit for what have done we have made ourselves into an idol that we worship. That may seem hard to stomach, but it’s the truth. We are our own god much of the time.

The problem with that is that it fills the feed line of our lives with crud – oozing rusty gunk called pride. We make all kinds of external adjustments trying to keep the water flowing smoothly, but every day something interrupts the flow and we get caught in the middle of a mess with no water. So we try to make more external adjustments when what is really needed is a clean feed line.

So let me ask you – How clean is the feed line through which the Living Water is supposed to flow into your life? Are you spending time every day in Scripture and prayer? Do you ask the Father for His direction and wisdom every day? Do you praise the Son for your forgiveness and eternal life every day? Do you depend upon the Holy Spirit to produce the character of Christ in you every day? Is the Water flowing?

One more thing – make sure God gets the glory for everything you do. Don’t be guilty of idol worship.

Pastor John

P.S. Pray for me tomorrow – I have surgery to remove my gall bladder. Thanks

1 thought on “Let the Water Flow

  1. PJ,

    What a graphic and inspiring devotional today. You make the points I crave and need and I thank God for putting you in my path. My prayers will precede you in surgery and will follow you in recovery.

    As you pray, could I ask you to include Tony Navarre, one of my former students who, now as a young father of a two year-old is battling leukemia. Prayers are being answered every day for him and I praise God for His love and blessings on this young family. Even so, Tony has a long way to go.

    Thank you John.


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