We Can Trust God

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010 

Today’s Topic:  We Can Trust God

Today’s Text:  Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. (Isaiah 3:10)

I have never heard my favorite pastor preach. Sounds strange in a day when preaching styles seem to be so important to so many people who are moving from church to church. But I have never heard my favorite pastor preach because whenever I am at his church I get to preach. He has never been to my church so I haven’t been able to honor him the way he honors me. But we have connected at the heart in an eternal way. I know who he is, and how he lives for the Lord, and how he serves his people, and he is my favorite pastor.

His name is Jerry Moser, and he’s the pastor of our adopted sister church on the bayou in Louisiana. Today he may become your favorite pastor too. I got an email from him this morning, and after reading it I called him. He gave me permission to share this with all of you.

His wife Cindy is very ill. Years ago she had a large tumor on her brain stem removed, and since then has suffered multiple physical ailments. Just last Friday she went into a coma at home where she almost died. I want you to read what he wrote as he struggled with God over the question of the purpose and glory of suffering. I was blessed as I read it as you will be. 

Again, I don’t know how to say “thank you” in a way that really expresses the depth of my gratitude. Thank you for your concern, prayers, your love for us. I brought Cindy home yesterday. Obviously, she is much improved, but the extreme fluctuation of her blood pressure is still a real problem. It has been very high all night. I am bringing her to New Orleans this morning to see her pain management doctor.

Regarding one question asked, “How does God get more glory from a woman almost dying every other week rather than from healing her?” …Well, Cindy and I have been at this point of inquiry many times in our lives. There are simplistic “answers” that don’t satisfy and others that just seem like brain wrangling. I guess I really do not know why God does not heal every time we ask Him to. I have heard all the sermons and know all the Scriptures pulled out of the context of a Bible that is full of accounts of human sufferings. God is a God of miracles, but He is God and we are His servants… we are not God and we cannot make Him our servant. He chooses to serve us as He will, but He never ever relinquishes His position of being the God of the universe, God of our lives. Thus, since He is infinitely more than we can comprehend, it is only reasonable that most of the reasoning of God, most of how and what He is, is beyond our comprehension at this point.

But He has revealed Himself to us in the life of His Son, Jesus, Whom He sent and destined from before the creation of the world to be sacrificed in a torturous death to pay for our sins. He could have saved Himself, but chose to die for us who are unworthy. Also, I know this is a fallen, corrupted world, unlike the world God intended it to be. Our bodies are a part of this world, corrupted by sin, and by the accumulated corruption of thousands of years of rebellion against the God Who created us. According to God’s Word, this world is corrupted and destined for destruction. Thus, I am compelled to trust in Him even though I do not understand all His ways or see His purposes… I cannot even fathom His greatness and wonder… a wonder that will someday make all of this make sense to me… one day, but not today. Today is the day of trust and of faith, for we see dimly here and now, but one day we will see Him as He is and there will be no questions unanswered.

Is it not the testimony of Scripture? Is God not able to heal in order to demonstrate His power and Glory? Of course. Likewise, is it not also the testimony of Scripture that God encourages us to consider Job’s statement of his faith in God, “Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him”? Yes, of course. All of this is beyond our full understanding and calls us to trust in God Who is in charge of our lives, regardless of what may come in this temporary place where we now live. There is a New Heaven and a New Earth coming, and as much as I love so much about this place, this is really not my home. We are aliens here, and by God’s free gift in Christ Jesus, we are citizens of a place called Heaven.

The corruption, the suffering in this place makes us yearn for a world without such turmoil. Suffering people and people who watch others suffer all around the world come to this point of yearning. They reach out to try to make sense of it all. In their searching they come up with all sorts of weird ideas. But God Himself has given us the Truth in Jesus Christ His Son; Jesus is Himself the way, the truth, and the life, the door to eternal life through which all may come through faith in Him alone…

“I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their god. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.’ He who sat on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!’” (Revelation 21:3-5)

Trusting Him, and so grateful to Him for you in our lives,

Jerry & Cindy

To quote Isaiah one more time – “Tell the righteous it will be well with them.”

Pastor John

3 thoughts on “We Can Trust God

  1. All I can say is “Wow”. What a humble-hearted man!
    “Lord, Calm the storm or call your child” either way be Glorfied!


  2. Thank you for sharing, that was inspirational.
    Quite possibly since God knows Jerry and Cindy’s
    strength and faith, the reason he doesn’t completely
    heal is so others can be encouraged by reading
    such posts as yours.


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