Daily Devotions Friday November 7, 2008

Daily Devotions

Friday, November 07, 2008


Current Study: People Who Made a Difference         


Today’s Topic: Watch Your Words


Today’s Scripture:   1 Samuel 14:35   Then Saul built an altar to the LORD; it was the first time he had done this.


I know, it’s Friday, and I’m supposed to be off hunting. But I don’t have any arrows left. That crazy buck I shot on Wednesday broke them all. What? You didn’t here about the buck? Well, I won’t bore you with the whole story, but there a couple of pictures below. So anyway, it took me all morning to get him out of the woods and by the time I got home my day was shot. So I’m working today, hence the devotional.


As I approached the downed deer on Wednesday morning, I gave thanks to the LORD for his goodness and provision. It wasn’t simply because it was the biggest deer I’ve ever shot – 9 points with a kicker on one of the brow times, and around 200 pounds. I was thankful for several reasons. I had stayed safe. I had been provided with meat for the freezer. I had a new appreciation for the beauty of creation and that we can use it for our enjoyment and sustenance. I was sincerely experiencing a moment of worship in the woods. I didn’t officially build an altar there – we don’t do that literally any more. But spiritually I built one. I said a verbal thank you to God and praised Him for several moments. I thought about how our forefathers must have felt when their lives depending on hunts like this when they settled this great land. I envisioned those first Thanksgiving celebrations. This was a powerful moment of personal perspective about God’s provision. I will always remember that spot in the woods, and what God did that day.


Then I read about Saul this morning, and realized that he had gone over two years as King of God’s chosen people and he had not yet built an altar to the LORD. Not once in that first phase of his reign did he set aside a moment or memory to honor God. Not once had he been thankful for God’s provision. It’s no wonder the kingdom is about to be taken away from him.


My short challenge to you today is this – take the time to build some altars of thanksgiving in your life. Every day God provides for us. Every moment God guides us. Every circumstance of our lives is under His control and being used for His glory. He is building and shaping us to reflect the life of His Son Jesus. If our hearts are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we would see the hand of God on every aspect of our lives, and we would be thankful.


So slow down today. Stop every once in a while and have a moment of worship. Soon you will discover that every moment of your life can be a moment of worship. You see, God is God always. He never leaves you. He will never forsake you. We just need to pay more attention to His presence.


Pastor John

not bad
not bad
Best one I've ever shot.
Best one I

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