Hello world!

To all who call on the Name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – or who want to. Coming soon to this site, a daily devotional to encourage your faith and help you grow in the Lord. I prasie God for the opportunity to use this format for the publication of these devotionals. I have been writing them for the past 4 years for the people of my church, and I have been encouraged by those people to post them publicly. As soon as I get this site designed and I figure out how to do all of this I will get them posted. (I’m 55 years old and still learning all of this new technology)  I welcome your comments and pray that God will use this site to bring more people to Jesus for salvation and stimulate growth for all of those who are already in a relationship with Him.

Pastor John

1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. I loved your story. It is amazing how a simple group of words combined in a sentence form can be so inspiring, so life changing. I’ve had that happen to me too and truly feel as though it was a God touch. Speaking of God touches, I just read the Bible verse you selected last night in the book of John. How delightful to be forgiven, especially by our Savior!


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