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Thursday, September 2, 2021

As I sit in my living room this morning I cannot see anything outside.  It is dark. Inside I have lights on and I can see all the things in the room.  Each item functions to either provide convenience, personal comfort, or visual gratification. Some, like the recliner I’m sitting in, do all three. But in the end, everything in this room, except for the Bible on my lap, is worthless. As I type I am constantly turning my head to the left to look out the window, waiting for the first glimpse of the contrast between the trees and the sky, which will be followed by soft tones of pink, purple, or orange. The sun will soon rise, and even though I am surrounded by things that have earthly value, my heart is fixed on seeing signs of the eternal. That’s where my real treasure is.

“Incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.”  Psalm 119:36-37

Where is your heart focused? What are you inclined to pursue? Will it really bring you life? Fix your heart and your eyes on Jesus.  The Son will soon rise.

Pastor John

2 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?

  1. Why it is so hard to look/focus on Jesus? Because earthly, material temptations are so obvious, attractive, easy to obtain. More over, our fresh body is relying on the materials to survive, and the feelings-the signals of the body-hungry, uncomfortable, keep on telling the master of the body of requirement of solving the issues. These are natural tendency, second to second, moment to moment, the signal is here and real, nonstop.
    Looking at Jesus also means a competition to the efforts of solving our body’s earthly requirements-time, efforts, even ignoring or sacrificing the body’s earthly requirements.
    Uncertain the importance of being saved is also a great contributor-this life is real, why bother for the after life?!

    I now understand the importance of looking at Jesus. And I am enjoying the sweet fruit He brings to me. But looking earthly the journey I took, yes, it takes me huge amount of efforts to be back to the right track. Maybe my friends will say-“no, rather than the ’cost’ I will spend, I’d rather enjoy my early life.” But I will say, you will miss the best of your life without this most important try.

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