Love’s Catch

LifeLink Devotional

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Psalms 94:18 – 19 When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.

Jimmy was playing a make-believe game of soccer in the yard. His dad was working on the garden a few feet away. Jimmy would kick the ball against the fence, pretending it was a net, and then leap for joy at the thought of scoring the winning goal.

Suddenly one of Jimmy’s kicks sailed higher than expected, and it soared over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Dad gave him permission to go through the gate at the other end of the fence and get his ball. Jimmy, however, had a more direct recovery route in his mind. Even though he knew that his dad had told him not to try and climb the 6-foot-high chain link fence, this 4-year old figured it was quicker to do so. He moved to a position on the fence that was directly behind his dad so he wouldn’t be seen, and started to climb.

His skills were apparent and his caution was commendable, but as he approached the top he stopped to figure out how to get over the sharp point of the fence. As he balanced there for a moment his foot slipped, and he began to fall backwards. At that very instant, his dad, who had been aware of Jimmy’s disobedient attempt to recover his ball, reached out and caught him, rescuing him from landing on the large rock that marked the corner of the garden and had been the launching pad of Jimmy’s climb. When Jimmy begins to cry because of fear, dad held him tight and comforted him before he began any form of correction.

We are so much like Jimmy, and his dad is so much like God. We know God’s will, and we know God’s way, but with our will we choose our own way. How thankful we can be that God is aware of what we are doing, and He is prepared to reach out and catch us when we begin to fall. No matter how many times Jimmy would attempt to climb that fence, every time he would start to fall his dad would spontaneously reach out and catch him. That’s what love does. He wouldn’t stand back and let him fall, hoping it would teach him a lesson. Even if he wanted to, his immediate reaction to seeing his son in danger would be to rescue him. His love would catch him, and then he would find a more appropriate and meaningful way to teach him how to obey. That’s the nature of love, and God is perfect at it!

What joy it brings to our hearts to know that God’s love will catch us, comfort us, and correct us. When we are slipping and about to fall, God’s love supports us. When we are worried and filled with anxiety, God’s comfort brings joy to our souls. Only then will He discipline us, and we will accept it because we now understand the nature of His care for us, and that He wants only good for us.

Pastor John

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