Grand Opening

Daily Devotions

Monday, September 14, 2009

Current Study: First Peter

Today’s Topic:  Grand Opening

Scripture Reading:  Colossians 3:22-24  Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

What a fabulous morning!

Okay, now stop and try not to think about anything else except being absolutely honest right now. When you read my opening statement, what was the first thought that came into your head? Be honest with yourself – it’s the only way we grow. Some of you thought about the gorgeous weather we have been having. Some of you thought about the outcomes of football games yesterday. Some of you thought that maybe something good happened to me this morning. And then there were some of you who thought, “God must be doing something great today.” You are the people who are right.

At 7:45 this morning I stood in a circle with 13 other people outside a new business along a major thoroughfare in Eau Claire. Cars were rushing by filled with people focused on their daily routine and oblivious to what God was doing. But there in that circle, totally unaffected by the hustle of hurried people, God was blessing a new business owner and his wife as we prayed for their first day of operation. Before a single finger was lifted to work, faces were lifted to heaven to proclaim that place as a lighthouse of God’s grace and glory. What a fabulous morning.

Before we prayed, I shared some thoughts from Colossians 3. I paraphrased for the purpose of personal application. Scott, Make your work count for God. Obey Him in everything. Now that you are self-employed and own your own business, you are the boss.  Don’t be tempted to adjust your principles just to please your customers, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord, be a man of integrity. Work at your business with all your heart, because you are working for the Lord, not for people’s approval. He is the one who will reward you, even if people don’t. You are serving the Lord Jesus Christ, so let every part of your business reflect Him.

What a challenge for all of us in our daily lives at work. Whether we own our own business or work for someone else, we have a great privilege of working under an eternal boss. His work ethic will make you successful. His principles will be profitable. While some people may not understand, and others may even reject you, God’s promise cannot go unfulfilled when He says, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us” (1 Peter 2:12).

I am excited for Scott and Kayleen as they start their new business called Elliott’s Automotive Repair. I’m excited because I know what they both believe, and that they live it out passionately every day in honor to their Lord Jesus Christ. I know their personal integrity that will be rewarded by Jesus. I know how God will bless the business because it is His business. Being a part of getting it all started was an exceptional blessing this morning.

Now, take a moment to go back and paraphrase the passage of Scripture for your personal life. Make it your prayer for today and every day. Maybe you should write it out and post it at your desk or work station. For sure you should post it on your fridge. Every activity of every day is to be lived with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Start making that happen today. This is your spiritual grand opening.

Pastor John

1 thought on “Grand Opening

  1. Got this from a reader just a moment ago.

    Pastor John,

    I have been praying and searching my heart for how much God wants me to continue to be involved in an organization that grew overnight from 200 employees to 1200, and the executive management does not understand the implications of not communicating to people outside of the HQ office in California. I’ve grown weary, frustrated and mentally tortured and I felt there was a point when I was going to have to decide to leave the job, regardless of the current economy.

    As I was reading the devotion, and began paraphrasing it to apply to my job and the management of the company, MY attitude changed (much to my surprise), remembering that I am serving the company management decisions which they are making to the best of their ability. The important thing is that I am really serving the Lord Christ.

    Here’s how I paraphrased:

    Scripture Reading: Colossians 3:22-24

    Servants to earthly employers, stand behind your executive management in all decisions made for the best of the company; and do it, not only when their eye is on me and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart for the company’s travelers, expense management, and reverence for the Lord. As I work with diligence, honesty and integrity, it will be with all my heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since I know my reward will be from the Lord. It is the Lord Christ I am serving, as I go about my daily responsibilities to my earthly employer.

    I bow before His throne,


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